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The Cricket, including the fabric components, is guaranteed against faulty materials and workmanship for a period of twelve months from the date of manufacture.
The warranty covers fair wear and tear only, and is not valid in cases of misuse or uses other than those specified in the manufacturer’s instruction manual. We do not warrant fabrics against shrinkage so please pay careful attention to cleaning instructions. Certain movement patterns and behaviour may accelerate fabric wear; this is not covered by the warranty.

Register your Cricket for free, to activate the 12 month product warranty and receive a reminder when the annual service is due.

Safety in use

Great care is taken in the design of this product to ensure that it complies with all the appropriate safety legislation. Please ensure that all staff are familiar with the following restrictions:

  • Do not use the Cricket in vehicles or to transfer outdoors
  • Do not use the Cricket if any part is damaged or missing
  • Only use on flat level surfaces
  • Ensure that both castor brakes are applied before transferring a patient to or from the Cricket
  • Do not raise the height of the Cricket higher than allowed, by the top spring button position
  • Do not attempt to adjust the height of the Cricket while in use with a patient
  • Incorrect use of this product can cause accidents
  • Do not allow anyone to kneel or sit on the base plate of the Cricket.
  • Ensure that there is normal weight distribution in the sitting position
  • The user must always be positioned within the wheel base of the Cricket
  • The back kidney pads must be in the down position before moving the Cricket

Helping Hand Cricket support

Returns Policy

Should the Cricket no longer be required, it can be returned. The unit must be unused, in all original packaging and in a condition fit for resale. Please note there is a 10% restocking charge.

Please contact our Head Office on 01531 635678, prior to returning the Cricket.


It is important to regularly inspect your Cricket to check the operation and general condition, along with reviewing the calibration settings. We recommend the unit is checked daily to ensure it is in working order, fully functional and ready for use.

Check table

*Please refer to the Daily pre-use check sheet and Cricket Inspection procedure for more information.

A full service is recommended annually. As part of our care plan our HH Service team (incorporating Symmetrikit Service) specialise in servicing, product support and inspecting all mobility equipment. Our engineers are fully trained, LOLER certified and supported by a quick response team at our Head Office. Contact our Service Department directly on 01531 634468 or email for further information, you can also complete a Cricket service request form.

Cricket Service features include:

  • Extended warranty/support
  • Budget friendly care plans
  • Services options for both Cricket types
  • Spares are available for each model
  • FREE Register your Cricket to activate the 12 month warranty and receive a reminder when the annual service is due.

It is good practice to ensure your Cricket I or Cricket II is clean, dry and in working order before every use. Regular checks highlight any dirt, damage or wear that can affect the Crickets’ use and function.

Please refer to our Cricket Cleaning guide to ensure your unit is kept in full working order.

Our top five Cricket cleaning tips

  • Daily visual inspection
  • Check all components are fitted correctly
  • Ensure no wear and tear on fabric components
  • Check frame for wear and tear or damage
  • Inspect castors and brakes, function fully and spin freely

Q: How much does a Cricket weigh?
A: The Cricket I and Cricket II both 25Kg


Q: How big is a Cricket?
A: H 102cm, W 59cm, D 87cm


Q: What is the maximum client weight, suitable for a Cricket?
A: 140Kg/22st


Q: Does client height matter?
A: The maximum client height is 1.9m/6’3
and minimum height is 1.5m/4’11”, a pediatric version is available for clients under 5’2


Q: How do I request a trial or a demo?
A: To request more information or to book a Cricket demonstration please complete our Trial form


Q: How long will it take for my Cricket to arrive?
A: Our standard delivery time is 5-10 days from date of order.


Q: Does the Cricket arrive fully assembled?
A: The Cricket is shipped fully assembled but in its lowest position. Please refer to the Cricket User Manual for more details on how to adjust the height settings.


Q: How do I separate the Cricket?
A: The Cricket can be separated into two sections for storage or transportation using the side clamping leavers. Please refer to the Cricket User Manual for full details


Q: What clearance is required to roll under furniture correctly?
A: 90mm


Q: Can I use the Cricket to move from room to room?
A: The Cricket is designed to help transfer clients from sitting to standing, between equipment and from room to room. It fits easily through doorways, thresholds and the small wheels are ideal to roll over carpet.


Q: Can I use the Cricket outdoors?
A: The Cricket is designed for indoor use only, we do not recommend using the Cricket in an external environment and could invalidate the product warranty.


Q: Can the Cricket be used in the shower?
A: The Cricket can be used to transfer clients to and from the shower, but we do not recommend using it within the shower enclosure.


Q: How do I clean a Cricket?
A: The seat can be removed and washed at 40° using a biological detergent. The frame should be wiped using a diluted detergent and dried thoroughly before use. We do not recommend the Cricket is cleaned in an autoclave. For full details, please refer to our 
Cricket Cleaning guide for more information


Q: Can I clean the Cricket in an autoclave?
A: We do not recommend the Cricket is cleaned in an autoclave, due to the risk of trapping moisture and causing deterioration within the frame/components


Q: Does the Cricket have a Guarantee?
A: The Crickets are guaranteed for 12 months from date of delivery. This guarantee does not cover general wear and tear, or any damage resulting from misuse. Full details are in the Cricket User Manual


Q: Are there any safety warnings?
A: Please ensure you are familiar with the safety instructions in the Cricket User Manual before operating the Cricket


Q: I need a spare, how do I identify the part?
A: For details and images of all the spare parts available, please check the Cricket User Manual for more information


Q: How do I order a spare?
A: To order a spare for a Cricket you can email us, or telephone our Service department on 01531 635388. Our Spares list is here.


Q: How do I order a service/repair?
A: Please contact our Service department on 01531 634468 to arrange aftercare support or a service for your Cricket


Q: What is the returns policy for a Cricket?
A: Should the product no longer be required, it can be returned. The Cricket must be unused, in all original packaging and in a condition fit for resale. There is a 10% restocking charge. Please contact our Head Office on 01531 638678, prior to returning the Cricket.

There are a range of spares available for the CricketII, available here; to place an order or ask a question please contact our Service Department on 01531 635388.

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